No Exits

by Give Up

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All songs written and performed by:

Ed Zaleski - guitar, vocals

Gerardo Barone - Bass, Vocals, Keys

Liam Conaboy - Drums

All rights reserved 2016 ©


released December 5, 2016

Artwork by Maxwell Christian

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Cliff Evans 2016
Produced by Give Up & Cliff Evans



all rights reserved


Give Up Scranton, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Lifted
there’s a question in my mind
will i measure up?
and is there time left,
is it enough to make a new start?
will indifference to your notion
keep us drifting apart
in the same town where we have lost years
for how much i love you,
i needed to be free from physical weight
lifted from the ground to the sky
to contemplate your daughter’s youthful bloom
she misses seeing you
there’s so many reasons
it’s hard to forget but also to remember it
i beat myself into pills and regress
to a time when you called my name
from the colder side of your pillow case
but now we’re just imagined
into shapes, awaiting change
but we will find a way
Track Name: Falling Asleep
please don’t ruin my plans
i can’t be honest with someone like you
i’ve been avoiding the issue
billy’s got my love
and there’s a reason i live with him
and you’ll just stay vindictive
as you are
on again
you’re like the middle of the day
when i’m tired, and can’t fight it
no amend
asleep while they all celebrate
they’re all alive and they can’t hide it
as you are
i’m constantly falling dead asleep
just pretending i am who i want to be
and it’s been 9 years of sleep
and i don’t dream of much else
she is beauty with the sun on her face
like a psalm i always swore i would read
Track Name: Chimerical
take a whole step back in time
to another place
i knew you back then
is it alright if i remember you?
Track Name: Somewhere In This Direction
leave work
and drive the same way home
where i know you won’t be found
i can’t find you
cross the fingers of my ink stained hands
i’m just hoping you’ll come around to it
i keep wishing for ‘alright’
more empty, and simple yet
despite the wake, i’ll sort this out
i kept a ring in my pocket for months
despite the weight, we’ll work this out
i can feel myself getting older
it’s been this way for 150 years
we’re heading somewhere in this direction
i keep wishing you’d come to life
more empty, and simple yet
we talk to god constantly
because everything is so different now
find truth in the endlessly ‘all the same’
despite the wake, we’ll work this out
i kept a ring in my pocket for months
despite the wait we’ll work this out
i can feel myself getting older
in the meantime,
i can feel myself getting older
Track Name: Separate at the End
black eyes rove, roll, and complete ya
take me inside for awhile
as you’re making up your mind quickly
before your reason and mine arrive
a slow train out will do you good
(i stood by aimless while you faded south)
a clean fresh breath of air, taken deep
(these gut feelings that come and go just like us)
you breathe in deeply
cold april sunday on the front porch
junkyard memories
and even though it chars
i can’t look away
the ache of summers wandering around your place
(now i don’t even fit inside my own skin, anymore)
with you, there are no exits
oh, i just keep coming back in again
but i’m still here
don’t turn away
talk to me this way, real dull
i wasn’t at all ready to grow up that fast
will you keep me?
even though it scars
i can’t look away, the ache